Monday, January 13, 2014

Where Did the Weekend Go?

I could have sworn I wrote some time this weekend, but apparently not. I must have dreamed it.

Saturday, we had a tasty lunch of potato-apple salad. I am pretty sure I just threw on some of the pepita crunch, or maybe some roasted almonds, and as usual, I used a mixed greens instead of the frisee.

Saturday night was girl's night with my fellow cleanser. This meant I was solely responsible for the dessert, while Linda cooked up the pork tenderloin with mushrooms and quinoa. Our friend also joined in the fun by providing an appetizer of more fruit, as well as the cleanse-friendly cocktails. What a pleasant night! And with those tasty cocktails, we didn't even miss the wine.

Sunday I fell off the wagon, but I don't feel too bad about it at all. The Mr. and I decided to walk to Addie's for breakfast. But I planned ahead and brought with me a container of coconut milk with a little agave mixed in so I could add that to my diner coffee. And for the first time in my life, I ordered oatmeal with a banana at a restaurant. It didn't seem right at all to spend $6 on something that I could make at home for a third of that price, but such is life on the cleanse!

We then proceeded to walk another 5 miles for our daily exercise. It was a gorgeous day, and it was great to be burning off those calories. Once home, we did a little mobility training courtesy of Cody at The Daily Burn, had our leftover salad courtesy of Linda, and then went to work on the demo house (hooray for more exercise ... and a load of drywall dust). While working on the house, we got an invite to a friends for dinner. How could we say no to lamb-goat stew with lentil soup and garbanzo beans? I indulged in a little homemade onion bread and peanut butter bar, and I also fully met my quota for alcohol this week. But it was all worth it. And we walked there and back, so a little more movement to burn off a few more calories.

So even though I wasn't totally on target, I feel like we are motivated to keep moving foward. This morning I had the banana smoothie, though I threw in some frozen peaches for sweetness. I also had to use a little real milk and yogurt, as I was out of coconut milk. For lunch, I didn't have any leftovers, so I went off target a little more with a half cup of cottage cheese mixed with half a pear and some almonds.

But tonight is back on track with roasted chicken, even though I'll be tempted by garlic bread and manicotti at book club!!

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