Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Falling Behind

Actually, only on the blogging. On the eating, I am rocking it.

Sunday night The Mr. got home from the game and proudly proclaimed that he drank water (while watching football?!? wow!), had only one sloppy joe, and some cheese and chips. Those are some monster baby steps for him. So proud. To reward him, I cooked up a small version of that night's dinner, since neither of us was super hungry.

In place of the mackerel, we broiled up one sockeye salmon fillet and shared it. I totally forgot to add the dill on top. I always forget the little garnishes. I once again added cauliflower to the roasted beets, which are rapidly becoming my favorite roast veggie of all time. I really liked the idea of adding roasted caraway seeds in with the almonds for the beets. Great contrast with the sweetness of the veggies.

I didn't realize that for the next morning's bfast I was supposed to let it all marinate overnight, so instead I did the parfait option. Another favorite is the use of dates and toasted coconut flakes for added sweetness. I doubt I'll ever need to add honey or maple syrup or brown sugar to oatmeal or yogurt again.

I wasn't super hungry by the time lunch rolled around, so I just had leftover beets and cauliflower tossed with some greens and one of the yummy dressings. Of course, that meant I was a little hungry by the time 4:00 rolled around, so I cooked up the recommended snack: hard-boiled eggs. Topping the egg with smoky paprika and smoked salt made it much more exciting than my usual egg with salt. Again, another idea to file away for future snacks.

Dinner wasn't bad. I undercooked the squash a bit, but the addition of balsamic vinegar and the red pepper relish hid a little of the bitterness. I loved the sauteed kale, but then I always love sauteed kale. It would have been even better with the greenest tahini sauce (once I again, I completely forgot about the garnish). The Mr. really enjoyed the lentil pilaf. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite. It needed a little something extra. Maybe if I'd remembered the cilantro that would have done the trick.

I actually read ahead and remembered to soak the oats and quinoa for the next day's quinoatmeal. Maybe one of my favorite breakfasts so far. The apples and nuts gave a nice flavor, but next time I'll be adding my new favorite: dates. I think that would take it to the next level. Lunch was average. In place of mustard greens, I used the leftover sauteed kale. The addition of the tahini sauce definitely helped.

I skipped the hard-boiled egg and instead split the rest of the leftover quinoatmeal with The Mr. as our late afternoon snack. He loved it as well, so double bonus!!

Dinner was delicious!! I had marinated the chicken all day, and the flavors really came together. We grilled it (or, that is to say, The Mr. braved the cold and grilled it), while I sauteed the bok choy and finished up the black rice. Again, more notes to remember: adding things like lemon grass and ginger to the rice while the water is boiling is a great way to add flavor, as is the addition of yet more toasted coconut at the end! Today's lunch should be just as tasty.

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