Saturday, January 11, 2014

Catching Up

Oh, the tuna was totally worth the wait, and I'm glad we paired it up with the potato side from what would have been the mussels dish. Instead of serving the tuna on mustard greens, we just threw together some baby kale and arugula, tossed it with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper and called it good. Quite good, actually. For the potatoes I added Mr. Mustard as well as a little whole-grain mustard dressing (which is actually Mr. Mustard dressing). We grilled the tuna (as we have done for most of the meals), and it came out to perfection.

I was craving a glass of wine with dinner, but I knew that The Mr. wanted to do some light exercise and stretching after dinner, so I refrained. After the brief yoga session, which felt great, I indulged in a glass of wine, only to find that I really didn't want it. I know, weird, right?! Maybe I really am detoxing.

This morning I opted for eggs rather than more oatmeal, cereal, muesli. I repeated the omelet, but this time used one whole egg and one egg white. I filled it with a bit of smoked salmon and the red pepper relish. Fabulous!! I didn't even miss the usual cheese ... too much. We also put together a kiwi-grapefruit-apple juice, since we have a ton of fruit that is threatening to go off. All in all, deliciously healthy. Yeah, us!

We are on our second batch of red pepper relish and mustard dressing. As I've said, these may become new staples in our fridge.

On another note, it is dismal outside. Gray and windy and threatening rain, though the temps are creeping up past 50 degrees. Yes, we are the one place in the nation that seems not to be affected by the polar vortex. I'm glad we don't have last year's three weeks of below freezing gray ice, but a little snow would be nice. Anyway, I'm taking advantage of the gray day to try my hand at patching holes in jeans, updating QuickBooks, and perhaps learning how to make yogurt. I think half my relatives would read this last paragraph and wonder, "Who the heck is writing this??!!"

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