Monday, December 29, 2014

Hello, (almost) 2015!

Apparently, I'm not very good
at these fun props. It looks like
my face is melting out of its
mustache and antlers.
Here I am again. With one post since January, I think my blog writing is on an incredible roll, don't you? Yeah, well ... anyway ...

It's that time of year again. The Bon Appetit cleanse. I wasn't going to do it this year, but The Man and I enjoyed it last year, and Lordie knows we need just a little motivation after another gluttonous holiday season. So I'm back here to keep track of it all, though I may not link to the recipes this time. Just head on over to the link above and read all about it.

It looks like this year the folks at BA are even more organized than last, what with a fancy-schmancy Google calendar that lists each meal with links to the menus and even more prepare-in-advance foods. All of which is great, because I'm not semi-unemployed as I was last year at this time. Hooray for me!

In addition to eating well, I'm back on the exercise track ... well, I worked out today, so that's one day in a row. Again, hooray for me! I was going to go to the Y, but one thing led to another, and what was supposed to be a virtuous day of working and working out turned into a mini shopping spree at Sierra Trading Post, along with a tour of "The Village" (the name of which puts me in mind of the M. Night Shamalamadingdong movie of the same name). It's one of those made-to-look-like Venice type outdoor malls smack dab in the middle of the suburbs. Totally fits in with southwest Idaho decor?!? Yeah, right. More like it's just kind of weird and almost creepy. But big fat snowflakes were falling, outdoor firepits were blazing, kids were ice skating, and lots of folks were milling around. So it made for a kinda pretty scene, if you ignored the faux-patina domelike rooftops and pseudo-Venetian architecture. A couple of local food trucks have opened up there in and actual glass-and-mortar building, so we got what I think was local good food for not too much money. I was even able to stick to my meatless Monday plan for the day (though I did try a bite of The Man's yummy kimchi chicken tacos). Then it was off to wander through Sur La Table (swoon) and Z Gallerie (double swoon). We totally refrained from shopping because (1) we didn't really need anything and (2) we are cheap. But it was fun to browse. Plus we got a free coffee sample. Yay, us! And, when we finally made it home (with a detour to Cost Plus), I squeezed in a 30-minute Daily Burn interval training workout. Sweaty!

Hmmm, I didn't mean for this to turn into a what-I-did-instead-of-working-today blog post, but there you have it. I haven't pursued the whole writing to find my inner demons/feelings/spirit/what-have-you. But maybe that will happen this month too. It is January after all. Time for a month of sticking to resolutions before February hits!