Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Season Is This?

There has been a disturbingly severe lack of moisture here in Boise. No snow on the foothills, no snow in the mountains, not even any rain down here in our little valley. The hills that form the backdrop of our city just aren't as pretty when they are all brown and dead looking. (Yes, I know, that is the least of our worries with this winter drought we are having ... but still.)

Perhaps related ... perhaps unrelated ... but I think we have lost our second of two beehives. And that makes me very sad. The other hive abandoned its post sometime this fall. One day they were all there; the next, they were gone. In November. I'm not a bee expert by any means, but that seems like a really bad time of year to swarm to a new home. Someone who is a bee expert let us know that this kind of disappearance is a classic example of hive collapse. I feel like we let them down somehow, though no one seems sure of how or why collapse happens. Anyway, today I finally remembered to bring water out to our little hive this afternoon, but I didn't see anything when I stared into the little hole. Not even a bunch of little bee butts trying to keep out the cold. I hope I'm wrong and that they are all just nestled in there, biding there time until spring.

We don't really have the hives to collect honey, though we have partaken of the sweet stuff. I just feel better having a home for the poor, beleaguered bees of this world. Especially since they are the ones who decided to swarm into our yard and make this their home.

On a happier note, all this lack of snow and moisture means that the foothill trails are in excellent shape for hiking and biking. So that's good. My legs and butt like it. And The Dog loves it.

But a little moisture sure would be nice.

Pretty please!