Friday, March 16, 2012


Yesterday, in searching for the next five photo-of-the-day topics, I actually decided to sit down and read the rules. Apparently, this photo-of-the-day thing requires carrying your camera/phone around and taking pictures of the day's theme on that day. Go figure. I have been seriously cheating.

So yesterday, I started taking pictures in the actual moment. This is going to be much harder, as this now requires me to think about the theme while I'm out and about, remember to have something to carry a device to capture that theme, and then, the hardest part, get home and get it from my camera/phone and onto my computer. For many people, this is easy. But I have an Android and a Mac, and the two do not always play nicely together.

Yesterday was not the 14th, but I thought it was, just like today I think it is the 15th. I'm also having serious trouble remembering whether it is 2012 or 2013. Really. I think all the talk last year about 2012 being the end of days made me think that 2012 already happened. Anyway, none of that is important ... well, is any of this important, actually? So, I went out and took a picture of clouds, because that was the theme for the 14th, which is what I thought yesterday was.

Confused yet?

I love my retro camera app almost as much as I love my nieces. It makes photos look so cool.

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  1. Hi, I've only just read the rules properly as well - glad there are two of us at least. I have been just shooting random images of my day! Best try and stick to the rules now then. Donna