Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Days in a Row

It's a record!

Of course, I do much better when I have a theme or something to deal with than when I am just sitting down to blab. I present for your viewing pleasure, today's pictures.

March 6--5 PM: I know for a fact that it wasn't 5 p.m. when I took this picture. But if ever there was a happy Happy Hour shot, this would be it. (Yes, obviously, in my mind, 5 PM could only be referring to happy hour. Is that so wrong?) This was taken during our trip to Portugal, and it was such a wonderful day, even if we did end up walking 8 km (in flipflops), with a blacktop road on one side and cliffs dropping down to the ocean on the other, in search of a beach that we could actually reach. (p.s. We did succeed, and then took the bus back.)

March 7--Something You Wore: I wore this dress on a rather special occasion. But it's the little cape I love. We got married in January at Chief Hosa Lodge, just outside of Denver. It was a gray, stormy day, but I was determined to have our photos taken outside. My mom, clever woman that she is, knew that a sleeveless dress in January might require a little something extra. So she made this satiny, fleece-lined, fur-trimmed cape, which I absolutely love. I just wish I could find a reason to wear it again.

March 8--Window: The Sentry Dog at his post on our bed. It's just the right height for him to look out onto the street so he can see what's going on in the world (and then bark at whatever is going on in the world). What a good little watchdog. (p.s. Please ignore the unmade bed, cluttered chest of drawers, and dirty laundry on the floor.)

March 9--Red: Double Jeopardy!! Shot #1--This tree was one of the few things I liked about living in Dallas. It wasn't my favorite place to live (at all), but staring at this spectacular autumn tree from my office made it a little more bearable. Shot#2--A Sydney sunrise, as seen from The In-Laws' deck. Talk about spectacular!

March 10--Loud: I don't know if she is even making a sound, but Little Miss Ella Road Rage here looks like she has something to say. Have I mentioned how much I miss my nieces?

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