Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching Up

A friend came into town this past weekend, and all the happy hours, wine tastings, eating, and laughing, not to mention an incredibly luxuriously relaxing Sunday, got in the way of posting photos. But I did carry my trusty camera and phone with me, and I did my best to remember some of the themes of the day while out and about. Let's see how I did.

March 11--Someone You Talked to Today: I have no idea who I talked to on the 11th, but I did talk to these two lovely (albeit underexposed) people on Friday night. So that will have to suffice.

March 12--Fork: My goal had been to capture a sign of the restaurant in town named Fork, thus killing two birds with one stone, but we never made it that far on Friday. By the time I remembered the theme, I had already polished off my ricotta-stuffed mushrooms, some sea salt flatbread, and several meatballs. Yum! This was all that remained.

March 13--A Sign: A couple signs seen on the walk back to the car after a lovely happy hour at Flatbread Pizza in downtown Boise.

March 15--Car: This guy was in front of me yesterday on the drive home from the airport. I have no idea what he has against gyros. I think they are a very tasty treat. In fact, last night, this license plate must have been lingering in the corners of my mind, as I decided to order up a bunch of Mediterranean food from Mazzah's for our book club. Yum, gyro meat. Or maybe he doesn't like gyroscopes? I don't know. It's a puzzle.

March 16--Sunglasses: It's time to feature another gorgeous niece, doing her best Vogue in my monster Smith sunglasses. (My camera phone does not have a flash, obviously.)

March 17--Green: On St. Patty's Day, I headed out to the local co-op to gather up the ingredients for our wine-tasting tailgate party at Indian Creek Winery. As I walked back to my car, a bagpipe piped up from around the corner. And there was a guy in a kilt (yes, I know, kilts are Scottish, and not Irish ... as are bagpipes, technically), serenading the parking lot. I know a lot of people aren't fans of bagpipes, but I think they are so eerily cool (when played well).

Wow, I am ALMOST caught up with the month.

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