Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Like Joaquin Phoenix ...

I'm still here.

There has been lots going on, but I've been in a pretty good frame of mind. And that usually means I neglect any kind of writing, introspection, blogging updates, etc. Funny how that works.

I'm on this crazy candida diet. I don't necessarily believe all the hype that says a buildup of yeast or bacteria or whatever causes all the woes of the world, from lethargy to impotence. But I do have annoying skin issues that no one seems to know a dang thing about. So now I'm trying out the latest salvo on my body to figure out what is causing it all. The upside of not eating any sugar, alcohol, bread, grain, beans, you name it, is that the pounds are finally dropping by the wayside. Plus I'm drinking way more water than ever (that tends to happen when every other liquid refreshment on the planet is banned), so I'm looking healthier and my little teenage style blemishes are finally clearing up. Huh. Who knew?

One more week to go.

The premise of the whole thing is that you cut out everything to clear out your system (I'm subsisting on meat, eggs, and veggies and lots of almonds in all shapes and forms). Then you slowly reintroduce foods to see if anything has a negative affect. And that theory all sounds fine and dandy.

The only issue is that as soon as these two weeks are over, we are hopping on a plane and heading south of the border to Costa Rica. Hooray!

So, I can guarantee that the slow re-introduction of things like beans, rice, and, oh, alcohol will be a little faster than the experts would agree to. Oh. ... and coffee!! Costa Rican coffee!! I cannot wait.

Anyway, it's probably not the best planning, but the whole Costa Rica thing wasn't finalized until after I started. So ... oh well.

And even though I may never figure out what is wrong with me and my innards, at least I might look a wee bit better in my bathing suit.

Other than not eating anything fun, life goes on as usual here. Work. Bike rides. Gym classes. Walks with the dog. Planting yet more trees. Knitting the never-ending baby blanket. Watching the apples ripen on our tree. Reveling in the cooler temperatures. Ignoring the news because it's just too dang depressing. You know ... Just life.

Hope your life is going just as well!

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