Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Life and Stuff

I need to be true to my Blogger name. Last night, lying in bed, I had a great blog post all composed in my head ... right around midnight. But I was in bed, and my computer was down here, and now all is lost. So instead, I'll just ramble.

My little experiment in attitude adjustment got off to a rough start. After declaring all my good intentions online, I promptly returned to the real world and became a right pain in the arse. I am totally blaming it on sinus infections and PMS. Not a pretty combination. But when Mr. J confronted me and told me in no uncertain terms that I was being a horrible, nasty sourpuss, I finally came to my senses (antibiotics and loads of Advil helped, too), and I have been on the right track ever since.

In my defense, two other factors came into play as well.

Factor #1: I was getting completely stressed about the fact that I wasn't getting any work, not even from the guy who usually keeps me pretty regularly set with jobs. But it turned out I am a lamebrain (surprise, surprise) and simply forgot to update my calendar indicating how many hours I had available. Hmm, it seems that when you tell someone that you have no hours available, they won't send you any work. Go figure. So now I am inundated with thrilling topics like "Food for All People in Yemen" and "Choices of Coping Strategies." I'll take what I can get, believe me!

Factor #2 is the successful (so far) employment of Mr. J as a polysomnograph tech. A friend of ours is a sleep doctor (probably the cushiest doctor job ever) and offered Mr. J the job. It's not his dream job, but these days beggars can't be choosers. All I know, is that extra cash is going to help me sleep better at night!

So life is good and looking better all the time.

And now for today's look-on-the-bright-side event:

Came home from breakfast with friends to find that the overly loving, totally obnoxious dog we are watching jumped on my work table, knocked over a bottle of water (which I should have closed securely, or better yet, put back in the fridge), and spilled water all over (please, God, let the scanner and external hard drive be OK). After a lot of cursing and swearing, I wiped it all up, put away all the extra junk that had been accumulating on my little table, and even filed the stack of bills and receipts that I have been collecting for the past 3+ months. So, as long as nothing was permanently damaged, I am thrilled to finally have my workspace looking all adult and tidy and organized. So thanks, Ms. Roxie, for being so incredibly annoying!

I hope your day is equally bright-sidey!

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