Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Whew, Glad That Is Over

Well, I weathered the storm as best I could, but it certainly was not pretty. About halfway through the night, I considered investing in adult diapers just to solve the conundrum of which way I should face the toilet for the next onslaught. Instead, since it was pretty much all liquid by that point (ew, sorry. TMI?), I just migrated into the shower and washed it all down the drain.

What a pretty picture I paint.

Speaking of pretty pictures, looking out my office window, I am seeing very pretty pictures indeed. Did I mention that the city came out and planted the three new trees in place of our big silver maple? So in addition to my little Japanese red maple, I can now also watch what I believe is a silver linden grow, day by day. Little buds are sprouting everywhere on all the trees. Our crab apple and our "real" apple are slowly starting to flower, as are the chanticleer (non-fruit-bearing) pear trees. I think tomorrow we'll celebrate being over the evil 24-hour bug by buying a couple more fruit trees for a mini (emphasis on mini) orchard.

Someday, our little tree will look this ...
oh, in say, 40 years or so? No worries. I'm patient (sometimes).

And inside my basil, cilantro, and strawberry shoots are coming up. Of course, we have yet to break up the concrete slab that is covering our future herb garden, but we'll make a plan. If anything, I'll have lots of basil in pots all over our patio.

Hooray for spring (and the fact that I lost 4 pounds courtesy of the plague and I have yet to fully regain my appetite ... which could use some subduing these days).

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  1. I hope you're feeling better! I've decided that this year will be my gardening year. Sure, I live in a tiny condo with a balcony, but I think I could manage some herbs and tomatoes in pots! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog :) Good to know that NaNoBloMo works!