Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tales from the Shower

Do any other bloggers out there in the Blogosphere compose entire posts while standing in the shower, or is this just my modus operandi? It happens more often than not that I come up with brilliant, witty, completely fascinating posts while standing under a stream of hot water. Then I go to my computer, check my email, read other blogs, check out Facebook, make a list of what I need to do throughout the day, eat breakfast, feed the dog, put away the dishes, chat with Mr. J, etc., etc. By the time I get to this blog, I have completely lost whatever brilliance I might have had in the shower and am left writing things like this.

Or maybe it's just one of those things ... like we always sound better singing along to the radio in the privacy of our own cars (you know we do!). Maybe my shower thoughts just seem fantastic in the silence of my own brain.

I honestly cannot remember what I had concocted in my head this morning, but I was very excited to get down here and get it on the computer. But then life interrupted, and here it is 2:15 p.m. and I can't even recall a glimmer of the idea.

Maybe I should get some kind of waterproof notepad and keep it in the shower. Or how about a waterproof laptop? Actually, if I had that, I might never get out of the shower. I do so love enjoying a steamy hot shower (even though I know it's a total waste of water and energy ... no one is perfect).

So instead I will share this brief glimpse into the romantic conversations between myself and Mr. J that take place when he is traveling to exotic locales around the world (this past week he has been in Costa Rica ... the butthead):
Mr. J: I pulled out my underwear this morning and funny thing, a pair of yours fell out as well. Only problem was, you weren't in them.

[then, later in the day, on another Skype chat]

Mr. J: Why can't I get your underwear out of my head?

Me: What'd you do, stuff it in your ears? Maybe some tweezers would help.
Yes, that is why the man married me. For my fantastic skills at long-distance sexy phone conversations.

p.s. As I was uploading the picture, I remembered what my brilliant post was, and truly, it's not that interesting at all. Something to do with rescuing dogs at midnight and my studio apartment in San Francisco. So I guess maybe it's a good thing I don't have that waterproof laptop after all.

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