Tuesday, January 12, 2010


OK, so maybe this prayer/positive thought thing is good. First of all, the plane obviously did land safely and we didn't get knocked down out of the sky by the moderate turbulence (which, in my mind, was the worst. turbulence. ever). Second, a check arrived today from Mr. J's old (current?) business partner. Hooray. We won't be digging into our credit line to pay estimated taxes. Hallelujah. We aren't out of the hole yet, but every little bit helps. Thank you former/current/whatever Mr. Business Partner. Third, my mom's MRI came back completely blank (as my mom says, her head is empty). So we are hoping it's just an infection that the steroids will eventually clear up. And we are really, really hoping that the hearing comes back (though I did say in my little offering to whoever is out there that I was negotiable on that; of course, I didn't check with my mom on that point).

Mr. J always wonders why I get so worried, nervous, neurotic about things like this, because for my family, things almost always work out well. But even just typing that line makes me worried that I just jinxed us forever. Not that he's belittling what could have been a bad situation, but he has such a better attitude. He knows it is out of his control (well, except for the money thing), so he just has the whole wait-and-see attitude and only gets excited, nervous, anxious when the the final diagnosis, whatever, is there in front of him. Actually, even then, he stays calm and approaches it from a "what can we do to fix this" standpoint. Easy for him to say! But he's right, my family is ridiculously healthy. I mean, my 90-year-old Nana just got a cochlear implant. Two days after the surgery, she was doing laundry and cooking up homemade mac and cheese for my aunt. I don't even have that kind of stamina, and I'm (barely) more than half her age.

So, for now, all's well that ends well. As for me, maybe I should start sending some positive vibes to my work attitude, because I really need to get busy and S-T-O-P procrastinating. Really. (And ignore that package of yarn that just arrived yesterday. Really. Focus.)

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