Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Much for Autumn

Yes, I am posting about the weather again. I really need to find something else to talk about or I am going to lose all four of my followers.

We got our first snow of the season. So pretty (plus the bonus of a 30-minute upper body workout as I shoveled). But according to the sensationalist weatherfolks on the news, we better stock up on perishables, because in addition to our "blizzard condition" whopping 1.5 inches of snow, the temps are supposed to drop to a high of 5 or something. Oh, woe. Barricade the doors and dig out all the batteries. The end is nigh!

Of course, Friday is supposed to be right back up in the high 30s.

But two days of near-zero temperatures?! Whatever will we do?

I wonder what would happen if our weatherfolks moved to Fargo or Siberia.

*Note: Not that it matters, but in the interests of honest reporting, that is not Boise in the photo. It's a shot of Bear Creek near our old home in Lakewood. I'm too dang lazy to find the camera, take a shot outside, find the cord to attach it to my computer, and load the image to my computer. So there.

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