Thursday, May 6, 2010

GMBOA Contest


I am rapidly approaching the 3-week deadline for getting this contest up and running. I must admit, I am very nervous. The Minion-lympics were an inspired weeklong series of fun contests and questions, and the "How DO you pronounce GMBOA?" contest was so much fun (and I'm not just saying that cuz I won, which I am still in shock about ... OK, I'll let it go, already). So what do I do?

Well, as I alluded to a couple days/weeks ago, Mr. J came up with a pretty clever idea. And I think I have it sorted in my head how it will work. So here goes:
Provide a headline or cartoon strip or fortune cookie saying or line from a book, poem, song or anything else already written by somebody else that captures who you think you are. Answers can be serious, funny, self-deprecating, self-aggrandizing. Whatever you like. You may also offer explanation(s), as needed (see example below).

Enter by posting a comment in response to this blog post. You can enter as many times as you like, depending on how you feel at any given moment. (I know that my vision of who I think I am changes hourly, and sometimes even minute-ly, which is different from minutely.)

In one week (on May 13th around noonish Central Standard Time), I will read all the entries to Mr. J for him to judge, according to his own wishes. It's all very scientific and technical.

In order to compete, you must be a follower (Minion) of Miss Whimsy over at the Creamery.* Just head on over there, and click on the follow button. You won't be sorry! [Note: This link also takes you directly to the full rules and regulations for the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness.]
* Whimsy, I do recall the two exceptions to this rule, and will take that into account when judging.

For a very bad example of an answer to this contest, when I was a teenager, my favorite pin button thingie read, "I used to be apathetic, but now I just don't care." Because, of course, as a fully suburban teenager, I thought I was all cool and tough and that cool, tough people just don't care. Plus, the wordie in me thought is was so incredibly witty and funny. I mean apathetic means "I just don't care." Get it? Get it? Oh Lordie, I was just so dang sophisticated as a teenager.

Mr. J, on the other hand, might have had this very cartoon in mind when he came up with the idea. He and I used to debate this question, with me getting very aggravated by the end of each debate. I've since decided that Hobbes has it exactly right! [Cartoon taken from The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, reprinted here without any permission, which probably means I'll get in super-duper trouble, which probably means I'll panic in a couple days and take it down from this blog post all together, because I'm a paranoid weirdo.]

So that is the contest, in all it's glory. I look forward to the answers and to sending on the GMBOA to the next Creamy Minion!


  1. I am declaring myself ineligible for this round of the GMBOA, but still had to comment. Because here is mine, in all its glory:

    I TRIED TO BE PATIENT BUT IT TOOK TOO LONG. -Anya, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  2. Link to cartoon:

    I love food!

  3. "People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don't realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world."

  4. " sole possesion of the remote control ...that's very important." Sandra Bullock 'While you were sleeping'. I like to be in control of my life... so when I saw this for the first time I realized that once someone enters your life it really isn't that important... and you really don't have control nor do you need to...that being said...there is something about having that remote in YOUR hand.
    I also count myself as ineligiable but loved this idea.

  5. Eventual Procrastinator :)

  6. I once got a dove chocolate wrapper, during the height of flower season on the farm, that said "Buy Yourself Flowers". I have it pinned on the mudroom bulletin board.

    I'm not entering myself. I just still think it's hilarious.

  7. So, mine is boring and serious, but I've come back to it over and over in my life. It was the dedication in my dissertation, and I keep a tiny miniature from the book close by wherever I go (it's on my desk at work right now, where it's been for the past year and a half or so).

    "Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.

    The most important things to me don't have to do with me at all.

  8. So I forgot to END the quotation.

    It ends after "eye." The URL is not part of the quotation. Duh. And heh.