Friday, April 23, 2010


As I mentioned briefly in an earlier post, I have been super-duper honored with the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness, which was started by Whimsy through her Minion-lympics. Yesterday, as I sat at my desk, "working," I saw Randy the Postman approach the door with a brown box in his hands. I was at the door before he had even latched that gate closed, and the brown box was open within minutes. And oh, joy. There it was in all its golden, Mickey Mouse-ified glory. Unfortunately, my photographic skills leave VERY much to be desired, but here's my best shot:

And inside, what fun! Wonderful Wandering Nana met all the rules and then some (yes, there it is, nestled between my printer and my file box):

  • Rule #3: Add some kind of decoration or enhancement: Very cute red and white papercut Mickey Mouse decals (forgive me, Wandering Nana, if I got the technical name incorrect. Did you make those yourself? So very cute!)
  • Rule #4: Include some kind of action figure: I actually have several items here--a little traveling gnome, a Madame Alexander Cowardly Lion (courtesy of McDonald's ... I never knew they gave these out!!), and another little McDonald's dude ... perhaps from Sponge Bob? I am not really sure, even though he's my favorite.
  • Rule #5: You must include some kind of mini bottle of something: Bath & Body Works Orange Ginger energizing nourishing body lotion. Smells (and feels) SOOOO yummy on my hands.
But wait, there's more:
  • A packet of tissues in a very cute holder. No more phlegm for me! (See below.)
  • A sticky note pad and pen for all my little reminders
  • A chattering teeth chip clip ... love it!
  • Halloween confetti!! How did you know that's my favorite holiday?
  • A binky
  • Incredibly cute little heart brads
  • A very cute flower bookmark
  • A Fourth of July decoration
And saving the best for last:
  • My very own golden boa in honor of the prize-winning name of Gym-Boa.
  • An engraved medal indicating my Minion cabinet office of Interim Phlegm Czar! HA!!
So now the pressure is on. I must come up with a contest so that I can pass the GMBOA on to its next happy recipient. I must also gather all the goodies to pass on to the next winner (though we are all winners). I will post all the rules, etc., when I come up with said contest.* I'm actually tempted to have a contest to come up with a contest, but that gets confusing. So stay tuned!

* If you are interested in this contest, note that you must first be a Creamy Minion. All this requires is hopping over to The Creamery and becoming a follower--an easy enough request, as her site is a joy to read and follow.


  1. I'm so glad you got it. The little blue dude is actually from the Movie Monsters and Aliens (can't remember his name). Be sure to include your brilliant idea on the pad and pass it along... that is not on the list of things but it is a re-gift from Whimsy.
    I'm so glad you like the things. Good luck with the contest.. I will be watching tto.

  2. Can't WAIT to see your contest!